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 Autism Disorder Spectrum Assessment services have been provided by Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida since 1989.

We have specialized in providing comprehensive 2-3 day diagnostic pediatric neuropsychological assessments of suspected autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and related neurodevelopmental disorders.

Each child and adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder is quite unique in terms of intelligence, learning styles, attention, memory, coordination and motor skills, sensory-perceptual processing, language, visual-spatial skills, social perceptual skills, and executive function abilities.

Children with ADHD and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) share some features which can often result in misdiagnosis or over-diagnosis. They often have coexisitng disorders such as dysgraphia, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorders, or learning disorders.

Careful and thorough pediatric neuropsychological evaluation can help ensure issues are not missed, help establish priorities for treatment and intervention, identify needs for accommodation, and guide appropriate treatment.

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